DataMotion: CloverETL's Newest OEM Partner

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CloverETL offers a choice. This has been part of our philosophy since day one. Flexibility. Scalability. Robustness. These principles are fundamental to us—and also what set us apart in the market. With these strengths at the forefront of our offering, our mission is simple: to craft a tailored approach for customers looking for that “just right” ETL/Data Integration relationship. This just makes sense to us. So with this firm belief, we continue look for new ways to make great things happen for our customers.

Our OEM strategy is no different. As described in an earlier blog, CloverETL works as OEM in three ways: OEM Partner, OEM Embedded, and OEM Embedded White Label.

For us, the ability for customers to shape and style a unique OEM relationship with us really transforms the OEM conversation. When a partnership is involved, it’s a serious marriage—one in which we work closely together, count on each other, and move forward towards success. A strong OEM relationship comes not only when two product offerings sync well, but when the companies’ goals do too. This is what we strive for because after all, an OEM partner’s success is, in a sense, ours too.

The OEM Partner

In certain cases, a company may just need a little something extra. This is a great way we two companies can shine individually—together. Naturally, this is what we call the partner approach.

OEM Partner companies use CloverETL alongside their offer to provide an integrated package to their end-user clients. And this is great not only for our customers, but also for their clients, who gain access to the Clover community through both our resources and licensing of CloverETL. We support these indirect customers—users who come to CloverETL through our OEM. We welcome them; they are the in-laws, so to speak. Helping our partners means making sure that their clients get exactly what they need to move forward with projects too. Here is where our flexible architecture is a plus: our dev team can work on our ETL offering, while their team can offer the right support to their users who are implementing it. This partnership means we work together to bring the right solutions to the right customers.

CloverETL and DataMotion

Let’s take a look at a real life partner of ours—a really exciting and interesting case. DataMotion, a company that offers software, consulting, development and implementation services of CRM, Direct Marketing and Data Quality solutions in Brazil, fits under this partner umbrella well.

Before they found Javlin, “DataMotion was a frustated user of SQLServer SSIS. So, we were searching for a new, powerful and accessible ETL solution,” said Ricardo Rego, Managing Partner of DataMotion.

He continues, “In the middle of last year, we started to look at the market for a new data integration flagship technology. We were performing due diligence in readiness for start-up. Part of this planning phase included selecting a software vendor that could support the delivery of professional service engagements and help the business grow using a common integration platform. Our decision went to Javlin and CloverETL.”

With them, CloverETL works as a critical software component together with their growing suite of data solutions. As business in Brazil propels forward, especially in the data-heavy verticals of healthcare, retail, and finance, companies are looking to harness the business value from their data assets. For this, they turn to DataMotion with CloverETL for support. “With CloverETL, DataMotion will be able to provide a solid rock data management and integration services to all SME in Brazil and Latin America. This is a special momentum where the Brazilian economy is growing very fast and the enterprise commitment combined with the quality of the information is critical and mandatory to the success of businesses,” said Rego.

As we have seen working with a diverse mix of partner relationships, this approach is definitely something special: it works like a “power couple” to provide real value to data clients.

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