Java Vulnerabilities: No Impact on CloverETL Products

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The recent discoveries of Java vulnerabilities have caused concerns for many organizations and individuals alike. With recent questions from multiple customers, we'd like to reassure you that our products are not impacted by these vulnerabilities.

The security holes are related to a Java plug-in on the browser where it can be used by hackers to overtake or silently install malware on the visitor’s computer (more details can be found in this article:

We do not use Java in the frontend (browser plug-in) in any of our products; even for our Server application, the Server Console UI is built on top of Rich Faces – which only uses HTML and basic Javascript in the browser.

However, we recommend that you update your Java package for your own protection in other applications. Please also consider upgrading to our latest stable build: CloverETL version 3.3.1 -; the Designer installer package for Windows comes with an updated Java bundle that contains the latest patches.

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