New Release Model Offers Clover Users The Choice

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As you may have noticed, the latest CloverETL release is labeled as a milestone release. What does this mean exactly? Well, this release marks the beginning of our new release model that will fulfill two separate, but important requirements that our customers have been asking for: the need for sustained stability in operations as well as the availability of new features as they come out.

Milestone Releases

As a major provider of OEM data integration for many BI or MDM solution suppliers, milestone releases addresses the desire for more frequent release cycles-- to not only match the suppliers' product development, but also to provide new features on an ongoing basis. Milestone releases are meant for these kinds of users and customers. Each milestone release, occurring every two months or so, will focus on introducing major new features and improvements, along with bug fixes. Milestone releases are carefully QA'd and ready for implementation in our user community.

Production Releases

The production release should be selected by those who seek high stability. Production releases happen usually twice a year and contain all features and fixes previously released in milestone releases;  these releases endure a rigorous QA process and testing by the community.

New Release Model

With this new release model, CloverETL users and customers have the freedom to choose whether to maintain operations and stronger stability on the production track or to implement the newest features into their flow with the milestone release.

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