Processing QuickBase Data

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We have great news for users of on-line database QuickBase from Intuit . CloverETL became a next tool which can be used to manipulate the data in this database. Now you can work with data in QuickBase without restraints and with full power of CloverETL. We introduced several specialized components dedicated for this purpose.

QuickBaseQueryReader serves as a reader of records queried from a table. You only need to specify a table name which you want to read from and a query in QuickBase query language. It is that simple. The second reader, QuickBaseRecordReader, is even simpler. Again, you specify a table name and instead of the little bit confusing query, you just specify the particular record identifiers you require.

Data writing is provided also by a set of two components - QuickBaseRecordWriter and QuickBaseImportCSV. First one is a complex writer of incoming data records to a given table and second one is a bit simpler, however much faster bulk data loader to QuickBase.

So we have prepared the whole family of components fully supporting the data manipulation in QuickBase - do not hesitate and try it.

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