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Meet Joda and get 30% more power!

CloverETL Release, New features, Java

Joda… don’t get too excited - Clover has (most probably) not contracted a Jedi master to squeeze in a portion of extra power to the product. In the real world, Joda is a quite useful third-party library..

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Sorting Data: ExtSort vs. FastSort – which one is better for me? (Part 2)

Data Processing

In my  previous post I have focused on tips for tweaking the FastSort component – performance sort component available in all commercial CloverETL editions. Today, I would like to touch the original..

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Sorting Data - ExtSort vs. FastSort – which one is better for me?

Data Transformation

I often get asked why CloverETL offers two sort components instead of just one and what’s the right key for determining which one is better for a particular purpose.

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Sending Emails from Data Transformation (Part 2 - Attachements)

In my previous post I talked about using the EmailSender component featured in CloverETL 2.8 and later to send messages from inside a running transformation graph. EmailSender is used in cases when you..

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Sending Emails from Data Transformation (Part 1)

Data Transformation

If you ever have a situation where you need to send an email from your data transformation, CloverETL gives you several options to do it. If you need to monitor your transformation's health and..

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Light Speed Sorting with FastSort

Recently I’ve been struggling to squeeze a little speed increase out of current CloverETL’s sorting component – the ExtSort. Benchmarks show that the performance of ExtSort is very good, yet we again..

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