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Data integration for identity and access management (IAM)

What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

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Using data integration to develop data architectures

Data integration tools aren’t just for data integration. With some creative thinking, there are many more processes that a data integration platform can improve.

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Innovating Financial Services: Making Data Models Actionable with Data Integration

Data Integration, data modelling

Bridging the gap between data models and data integration

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GDPR: Finding your data is the first step

GDPR needs you to look at 3 different aspects of your business in order to comply with the regulations – the legal side, the processes you manage, and the data itself. While many people are focusing on..

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Data integration on the road

Last month saw CloverETL going on a mini tour of some great data events in both the US and UK.

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7 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Data Architecture

Choosing the right enterprise data architecture can be confusing. Our infographic sets out 7 key questions you need to ask to help make the right choice for your business.

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Data-driven Companies Invest in Data Quality Strategy. Why?

Is data quality an integral part of your data-driven business strategy? Chances are, not completely—not yet, anyway. Nearly 40% of all company data is inaccurate, yet we know full well that the quality..

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Connection hangs with MSSQL driver 4.0 and Java 6 update 29 - solution


While playing around with MS SQL Server 2012 today I got into trouble running queries in the database from CloverETL. The connection initialized, I was able to browse the structure, graph started but no..

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The Time Has Come: Getting More From Your Data with Event Analyzer

In the Event Analyzer, the new extension for CloverETL Designer, the ability to process time-based data in the CloverETL environment is simple – and incredibly useful.

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