CloverETL 2.9 Released: Infobright Data Writer, Web Services Component and Other New Features.

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New CloverETL version 2.9. was just released. This version brings a new Infobright Data Writer component, enhances the connectivity by adding Web Services component and adds features that simplify common data transformation tasks.

New Features and Components:
Infobright Data Writer
In response to customer requests, this component writes data into Infobright software, a column-oriented relational database. Infobright is a provider of solutions designed to deliver a scalable data warehouse optimized for analytic queries.

Web Services component
The new component makes communication with Web Services easier than ever. It provides user friendly graphical interface for mapping your data into Web Service fields, automatically generates requests and process responses. It offers faster, easier and more comfortable way to interact with remote Web Services.

Reading formatted values from XLS
Additionally to reading plain data from MicrosoftTM ExcelTM sheets, the Excel component is now also capable of reading user-formatted values such as currencies, dates or numbers.

New tracking option
Customers can now see all absolute speed rates for finished data transformations, facilitating comparative analysis in pursuit of process improvements.

New Aspell Lookup table
Brand new implementation of this component brings better performance, improved configuration and better customization.

Improved treatment of empty (NULL) values
Developers can now specify special strings that should be treated as empty (NULL) when data is being parsed. This feature simplifies processing of typical application export files which often contain values insignificant for ETL processing. Additionally it may lead to improved processing throughput and lower memory consumption of data transformation.

More user friendly File URL dialog and improved LDAP functionality.

Customers can evaluate these new features along with CloverETL’s other leading capabilities with a free 30-day trial of the CloverETL Designer Pro evaluation, which is available at Information management professionals can also evaluate the enterprise integration features of CloverETL Server via an online demo, which is also available at

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