Video: New features of CloverETL 4.1.2 explained

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In version 4.1.2 we've introduced a couple of nice new features of CloverETL: Data Inspector and Rich Text Notes.

Data Inspector enhances CloverETL's potential to debug transformations. It allows you to see data running through components, or the edge, in real time and work with the data directly. You can filter, sort, or copy and paste data you need.

Rich Text Notes lets you better document your graphs and jobflows to make them easier to understand for you and members of your team. Allows multiple heading styles, sizes, colors and links into transformations, elements, external hyperlinks, and more.

Watch the video to learn how to use these new features.

You can also see the new features of CloverETL 4.1.2 in the complete release notes.

If you are interested in CloverETL Designer, you can download a free 45-day trial at

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