Parallel Data Processing with CloverETL Cluster

For the upcoming release of CloverETL 2.9, we are working on improvements in CloverETL Server which will allow run transformations in parallel on multiple cluster nodes.

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Parallel Data Processing Comparison - CloverETL vs. Talend vs. Pentaho

On Oct. 21 OpenSys released a new version of its ETL tool, CloverETL Designer version 2.8.1. It's mainly bugfix version but also brings a new component, ParallelReader, that makes delimited data file..

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ParallelReader Component: Performance Boost in Data Processing

In October release 2.8.1 of Clover we introduced a new component which definitely should attract your attention – the Parallel Reader. The name itself already suggests the goal of the component – improve..

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Building Data Warehouse with CloverETL: Slowly Changing Dimension Type 1

Data Warehousing, ETL

The very typical usage of ETL tools is loading the data warehouse (DWH). So I decided to write a tutorial that will describe typical data warehouse tasks (slowly changing dimensions, date dimension,..

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The Beauty of Inline CTL Expressions

Data Integration

Have you ever wondered how to write data records to a file with current date in its name? Then I've got a brand new solution for you! Since version 2.8, CloverETL supports inline CTL expressions within..

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Designer-Server Integration: HTTPS made easy

In CloverETL Designer 2.8.0, connecting to CloverETL Server over HTTPS protocol is supported. However, the client requires some configuration including import of client's certificate to the server...

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Processing QuickBase Data

We have great news for users of on-line database QuickBase from Intuit . CloverETL became a next tool which can be used to manipulate the data in this database. Now you can work with data in QuickBase..

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Hidden Features: Using Multiple Delimiters for Parsing Data

CloverETL provides a very useful feature: multiple delimiters. When you parse a delimited file (eg. CSV) you can specify different delimiter for each field. This isn't surprising for daily CloverETL users..

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Hidden Features: Environment Variables in CloverETL Transformation

Using environment variables

"Environment variable is named value that can affect the way running process will behave on a computer."

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Designer-Server Integration Testing

CloverETL's development team is preparing a new amazing feature, integration of CloverETL Designer with CloverETL Server. This feature shifts work with Clover to a much more comfortable level.

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