Hidden Features: Using Multiple Delimiters for Parsing Data

CloverETL provides a very useful feature: multiple delimiters. When you parse a delimited file (eg. CSV) you can specify different delimiter for each field. This isn't surprising for daily CloverETL users..

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Hidden Features: Environment Variables in CloverETL Transformation

Using environment variables

"Environment variable is named value that can affect the way running process will behave on a computer."

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Designer-Server Integration Testing

CloverETL's development team is preparing a new amazing feature, integration of CloverETL Designer with CloverETL Server. This feature shifts work with Clover to a much more comfortable level.

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Hidden Features: Note Properties

Do you want to have CloverETL's graphs using nice descriptive colorful notes? Use CloverETL note properties. Just resize your note and put the components into the area of the note as you can see on the..

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CloverETL for Data Processing of Sport Results

CloverETL can be used not only in enterprise environment, but also in sport and entertainment industry. Prague hosted 10th FIMBA World Maxibasketball Championship in the first week of july. More than..

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Light Speed Sorting with FastSort

Recently I’ve been struggling to squeeze a little speed increase out of current CloverETL’s sorting component – the ExtSort. Benchmarks show that the performance of ExtSort is very good, yet we again..

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Parsing of an Apache access log

The UniversalDataReader is designed for reading files in various formats. We use this component for many purposes. One of them is parsing of an Apache access log. The file normally includes records in a..

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CloverETL version 2.7 released

OpenSys released today new version of CloverETL Engine - 2.7.

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Writing data into excel files with several sheets

Upcoming 2.7 Release of CloverETL - Faster Sorting of Data and Improved Reading Data

As of today (Mar 31st), Clover Engine 2.7 branch has been created and the testing/QA process has started. Within approx 2 weeks, brand new version of CloverETL will be ready. It brings many small new..

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