CloverETL 4.0 Milestone 2 released. Brace for subgraphs!

The second milestone of CloverETL 4.0 is here so it’s about time to show you what it involves. Milestone releases give you early access to new features and improvements in CloverETL. The second..

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Manage CouchDB with CloverETL

API, Connectors, Guides, JSON, Apache

NoSQL databases are fast and used for high volumes of data and documents – and they are today's rising stars. When a customer asked us for help to manage CouchDB, we decided it would be helpful to..

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How Small a Footprint Can Enterprise Software Actually Have?

We keep saying that CloverETL has a small footprint and is multiplatform out of the box. So why not test this assertion – in an extreme situation? Instead of just taking the core, we’ll go with the..

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Parsing of an Apache access log

The UniversalDataReader is designed for reading files in various formats. We use this component for many purposes. One of them is parsing of an Apache access log. The file normally includes records in a..

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