CloverETL Data Quality – An Introduction to Validator

Data Profiling, Data Quality

Before your data enters the ETL process, it's in your best interest to only work with "good" data – that is, data that conforms to its respective domain rules, ranges, allowed values, and perhaps..

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Performance Optimization of Metrics in CloverETL Data Profiler

Data Profiling, Data Quality

The first beta version CloverETL Data Profiler was released in October, and since then we have been working on improvements for the second beta version, which was released at the end of last year...

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CloverETL Data Profiler: Under the Hood of Data Profiling Application

Recently we’ve released the second public beta release of a new member of our CloverETL family – CloverETL Data Profiler. With this article we’d like to share an overview of the technical architecture..

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A Second Wind: New Features Strengthen CloverETL Data Profiler

In Data Profiling with CloverETL, we discussed the value of the new product that will soon enrich our product portfolio - CloverETL Data Profiler. The beta testing has been up and running, and so far..

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Data Profiling with CloverETL Profiler beta

The process of data integration, data migration, consolidation and other data manipulation projects consists of a variety of steps and tasks. Javlin supports many critical tasks within these projects..

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Data sampling with CloverETL

Testing data transformations is generally not an easy task. When creating and testing a transformation you might want to get a data sample to check if your transformation works properly. In this point..

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Data Profiling with CloverETL

Before you start to develop any data transformation you should explore your data (make data profiling). There are a lot of tools on the market that can help you with data profiling. But why to install..

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