Introducing Rollup

Rollup is a general transformation component introduced in CloverETL version 2.8. It serves as an executor of rollup transformations written in Java or CTL. Basically, rollup transformations are used..

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Sorting Data - ExtSort vs. FastSort – which one is better for me?

Data Transformation

I often get asked why CloverETL offers two sort components instead of just one and what’s the right key for determining which one is better for a particular purpose.

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Sending Emails from Data Transformation (Part 2 - Attachements)

In my previous post I talked about using the EmailSender component featured in CloverETL 2.8 and later to send messages from inside a running transformation graph. EmailSender is used in cases when you..

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Loop Execution of Data Transformation

Attention: This approach is obsolete. Jobflows introduced in later version of CloverETL are prefered for this kind of task.

Case study description

Czech Insolvency Registry (

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Sending Emails from Data Transformation (Part 1)

Data Transformation

If you ever have a situation where you need to send an email from your data transformation, CloverETL gives you several options to do it. If you need to monitor your transformation's health and..

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Data Profiling with CloverETL

Before you start to develop any data transformation you should explore your data (make data profiling). There are a lot of tools on the market that can help you with data profiling. But why to install..

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Joining Data with RelationalJoin

CloverETL version 2.8 offered a brand new commercial  component called RelationalJoin. It extends the CloverETL pallete of joiner components with new functionality - joining data with relational..

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Iteration through the Record Fields in CTL

Note: this post relates to CloverETL 2.x version with CTL version 1. Starting with CloverETL 3.x , CTL version 2 was introduced which has a bit different syntax. However you can still use CTL 1 in..

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Cloud Data Integration with CloverETL Cluster

On December 9, 2009 CloverETL Cluster Edition was launched at PriceWaterhouseCoopers premises. CloverETL Cluster intelligently partitions data and distributes them evenly across multiple nodes in a..

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Parallel Data Processing with CloverETL Cluster

For the upcoming release of CloverETL 2.9, we are working on improvements in CloverETL Server which will allow run transformations in parallel on multiple cluster nodes.

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