Extending CTL with Java Functions

Java, Developing, ctl

In this article, I will walk you through the process of extending CTL (CloverETL Transformation Language) with your own custom functions implemented in Java. Think of this as adding your own Java..

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Building your own components in CloverETL

In this post, I'd like to cover a few things not only related to building components, but also related to:

  • subgraphs and their ability to make your life easier;
  • working with CloverETL public API;
  • ..
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4 Easy Steps to Establish Secure Connection to IBM AS/400 Database with CloverETL

IBM AS/400 (also known as IBM iSeries) is approaching its 30th birthday. The system released in 1988 is still alive today and widely used across industries all over the world. Do you use AS/400 at your..

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Custom CTL Functions in CloverETL

A few weeks ago I published a blog post about how to create a custom CloverETL component. This is great if you have special logic that operates on whole records. But what if you have specific needs..

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Creating Custom Component in CloverETL Step By Step

CloverETL is designed to be an extensible system. Although it already contains a lot of components, there can be cases where you need to create your own – be it a specific and often-used task, use of..

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Transforming Coordinate Reference Systems using CloverETL – A Use Case

A common task an ETL tool has to deal with nowadays is the emergence of data containing a form of geographical information. Just like any other type of data – monetary values, times and dates, etc. –..

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Java Vulnerabilities: No Impact on CloverETL Products


The recent discoveries of Java vulnerabilities have caused concerns for many organizations and individuals alike. With recent questions from multiple customers, we'd like to reassure you that our products..

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Speed-up Installation of Plugins in Eclipse

Guides, Java

Installing plug-ins in Eclipse can in some situations take a long time. This can also affect users of CloverETL Designer if they choose the Online or Offline Eclipse Plugin Installation download type...

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Connecting to JMS Queue on Glassfish v2 with CloverETL

Connectors, Java

JMS (Java Message Service) is a Java Enterprise Edition (EE) technology used to allow messages to be sent in a decentralized manner between web clients or end-users. In order to check for new messages..

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Meet Joda and get 30% more power!

CloverETL Release, New features, Java

Joda… don’t get too excited - Clover has (most probably) not contracted a Jedi master to squeeze in a portion of extra power to the product. In the real world, Joda is a quite useful third-party library..

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