Parsing List Data in XML and JSON with CloverETL 4.1

API, XML, Guides, JSON, Parsing

Parsing of XML and JSON data is an important task in data integration because the majority of today's APIs and Web Services are built around these two formats. CloverETL has JSONExtract and XMLExtract..

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Manage CouchDB with CloverETL

API, Connectors, Guides, JSON, Apache

NoSQL databases are fast and used for high volumes of data and documents – and they are today's rising stars. When a customer asked us for help to manage CouchDB, we decided it would be helpful to..

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Querying Twitter in CloverETL

These days, social networks are pervasive. It’s virtually impossible to avoid some kind of interaction with at least a few of them. Not only that, but the mere fact that so many people use them means..

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Joining multiple MongoDB collections in CloverETL

MongoDB is a leading NoSQL database popular among modern agile developers. It promotes a data-agnostic document model and native scalability, giving developers a quick startup and high performance..

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Handling of JSON Objects in CloverETL


Note: Component JSONExtract was introduced in later versions of CloverETL for parsing JSON objects. Learn more about using it for parsing list data.

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