Understanding Metadata Propagation in CloverETL 4.0

Metadata propagation is one of the many features introduced in CloverETL 4.0. In our previous post we covered its basic principles. This article will further explain why, where, and how to use it...

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Video: Automated Metadata Propagation in CloverETL 4.0

To help understand automated metadata propagation in CloverETL 4.0, we've made a video showing what it is and how it works. Learn how automated metadata propagation can make managing your metadata easier..

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Metadata propagation makes your data integration jobs much easier

In the CloverETL 4.0, along with subgraphs, we've introduced another very interesting feature: metadata propagation, that will make your data integration jobs much easier to prepare. Previously, you..

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New Features of CloverETL 4.0

Latest production version of the new CloverETL 4.0 is out and our developers are working hard on the next version of CloverETL. You can read release notes for CloverETL 4.0 here. We will try to explain..

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CloverETL 4.0 Milestone 2 released. Brace for subgraphs!

The second milestone of CloverETL 4.0 is here so it’s about time to show you what it involves. Milestone releases give you early access to new features and improvements in CloverETL. The second..

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Introducing Subgraphs in CloverETL 4.0-M1 Milestone Release

The first milestone of CloverETL version 4.0 was recently released, with new features like subgraphs, automatic metadata propagation and many more. It’s already available for download at ..

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Container Types: List and Map Metadata Fields

List and map metadata fields are part of CloverETL's effort to enhance its support for both rich data structures and unstructured data. This enhancement eases the previously rigid metadata model, which..

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Element Locking: Safety for Team Work

Do you work in a multi-user environment and on a shared metadata base? Do you share other graph elements (connections, lookup tables, sequences, ...) among multiple graphs and users too? Then read on –..

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You Name It!: Metadata Field Labels

Have you ever wanted to name a metadata field using more than one word? Or give it a name with national characters, perhaps? Or any other non-alphanumeric characters? Now you can, with labels for..

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Handling Errors in Heterogeneous Input Data

ComplexDataReader is a powerful new component in CloverETL meant for reading elaborate heterogeneous data. However, all data cannot be read easily even if you spend a lot of time configuring the..

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