Salesforce API in CloverETL

UPDATE: With CloverETL 4.3 released in summer 2016, we introduced Reader and Writer components for Salesforce Bulk API. You no longer need to follow the instructions below in order to read, insert,..
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CloverETL Jobflows – Build, Monitor, and Manage Complex Workflows

Lately, I have been confronted with a data integration task of extracting customer data from an Oracle database to an XML file, uploading it to FTP, and finally encrypting that file. If you use a..

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Launch Services - ETL Transformation as a WebService

Transformations on CloverETL Server can be run by users in a very simple way by using just a web browser and a correct link. When a user click on the link, a transformation is triggered on the Server..

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Loop Execution of Data Transformation

Attention: This approach is obsolete. Jobflows introduced in later version of CloverETL are prefered for this kind of task.

Case study description

Czech Insolvency Registry (

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Data Integration with Web Services - How to Set Up a WebServiceClient

WebServiceClient is a new CloverETL component that was released in 2.9 version. It provides an easy intuitive way to interact with any web services. This technology has gained a huge popularity in the..

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