CloverETL Designer User Interface Improvements in 3.4

Here at CloverETL we not only work to create new and exciting features, but also have a workgroup specifically dedicated to improving the “little things”. I’m talking about those little things that can..

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Interface Improvements in CloverETL 3.1

One of the most noticeable set of changes in CloverETL version 3.1 is the interface improvements, substantially improving Clover's usability and understandability. These improvements save both new and old..

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Versatility of the File URL Attribute Used in Readers of CloverETL

CloverETL allows users to read several different kinds of files. These files may have various formats, they can be located on a local or remote computer, they can be accessed through a proxy, and they..

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Working with CloverETL as a New User

I would like to share my experience with CloverETL as an external person. I study at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA with a major in Computer Science. On my search for interesting..

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Accessing Files with New File URL Dialog

The CloverETL Designer has a brand new File URL Dialog, which was introduced in the version 2.9. The newly designed file dialog is very friendly and intuitive to navigate. There are a lot of new..

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Hidden Features: Note Properties

Do you want to have CloverETL's graphs using nice descriptive colorful notes? Use CloverETL note properties. Just resize your note and put the components into the area of the note as you can see on the..

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