Upcoming 2.7 Release of CloverETL - Faster Sorting of Data and Improved Reading Data

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As of today (Mar 31st), Clover Engine 2.7 branch has been created and the testing/QA process has started. Within approx 2 weeks, brand new version of CloverETL will be ready. It brings many small new features and bug fixes, but also several significant improvements - mostly in speed.

The aging ExtSort component is being replaced by new FastSort, which can bring up to 2.5 times the performance of old ExtSort. I am sure, there will be special post on this blog by FastSort's developer Pavel Najvar, who will explan in detail where he found those hidden 250% of speed.

There are also speed improvements in our Universal Data Reader (reader of text data, delimited or fixed). We thoroughly profiled its code and were able to find 20-25% of additional speed. This puts us even farher in front of competition !

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